DIGIPLEX / EVOModule Listen-IN

LSN4: Listen-In Module

formerly DGP-LSN4
• Two-way voice communication with monitoring station
• Continuous Recording feature: Record up to a total of 120 seconds before and after an alarm event has occurred. This recording can then be played back later by the monitoring station or user
• Connect up to four primary SUB1 substations per Listen-In module
• Page and/or communicate with other substations

SUB1: Listen-In Substation

formerly DGP-SUB1
• Connects to the LSN4 Listen-in module
• Comes with three buttons that allow the user to access functions like paging, background music and panic options
• Use the substation to communicate with the monitoring station and/or other substations
• Mute function allows you to mute the background music and certain messages while still allowing alarm messages to be broadcast
LSN4 :: SUB1
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