Wicket Gates and Railings - medium height

The PERCo electromechanical wicket gates offer an ideal solution for arrangement of free passage into one direction and denial of passage into another.

Their elegant and versatile design presents a secure and stylish solution that can blend into numerous locations. After each passage the gate swing panel is smoothly reset to home position.

The range of PERCo swing gates includes motorized and electromechanical models. Integration with turnstiles and railings made in matching decor allows to style locations in a complete design.
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Full Height Rotor Turnstiles and Security Gates

Full height rotor turnstiles are designed for complete and secure closure of a passageway and used for control of access at locations with high security requirements, both indoors and outdoors.
Security gates offer maximum security for indoor and outdoor applications and can be used together with the full height rotor turnstiles to allow convenient wheelchair access and movement of bicycles and other bulky items.
PERCo full height rotor turnstiles and security gates are made of reinforced aluminium profile with anticorrosion coating to ensure high degree of resistance to weather and vandalism.
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