EVOHD Control Panel
Superior security and access control

The Paradox EVOHD is a uniquely robust security and access control panel. Powered by a strong and reliable processor, the control panel’s redundant communications systems generate reports to the Central Monitoring System (CMS) over IP, GSM, GPRS, landline or any combination thereof.

EVOHD is an enhanced version of the EVO192, with support of the HD78/F. It provides faster and more reliable dialer over VOIP lines at 1,200 baud and large power supply of 3.5A with fast adaptive battery charging. By using a 75VA transformer, up to 2A of power can be used at the auxiliary output and a 7AH battery will be charged in few hours.

The control panel's redundant communication methods generate reports to the Central Monitoring System (CMS) over IP, GSM, GPRS, landline or any combination.
Designed for easy installation and expansion of additional products, the EVOHD can support up to 254 security devices and 192 zones. The control panel's flexible zone assignment allows any detector to be assigned to any zone regardless of the physical location of the connection.

EVOHD Key Features

Faster - dialer over VOIP lines at 1200 baud
Efficient battery charging - up to 1.5A
Power supply
• 2.5A switching
• 2A power available for modules/devices (requires a 75VA transformer)
Digital bus
• Provides continuous power, management and two-way communication between control panel and modules
• Efficient and effective use of zone deployment
• Integrated tamper reporting of EVOHD connected devices without additional wiring
PGM configuration
• 4 on-board, solid-state PGMs (2-4)
• 1 on-board 5A relay PGM
• PGM1 may be used as a 2-wire smoke input

EVOHD Key Features:

On-board PGMs5
Dimensions9.5 cm x 20.2 cm (3.75 in x 7.94 in
Weight0.49 lbs (0.22 kg)
Metal Box28 cm x 28 cm x 7.6 cm (11 in x 11 in

The EVOHD is the first control panel of its kind to connect to and support all the features of the Paradox HD77 camera.
HD77: HD Video and Audio PIR Camera

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