New Products

EVOHD Control Panel
Superior security and access control

Powered by a strong and reliable processor, the control panel’s redundant communications systems generate reports to the Central Monitoring System (CMS) over IP, GSM, GPRS, landline or any combination.
32-Character Hardwired LCD Keypad Module

• Real-time zone alarm display (until disarmed)
• In-field firmware upgrade via 307USB and WinLoad
• StayD status LED
• Menu-driven programming for easy system setup (installer and end user)
• 1 keypad zone input
• compatible with: SP, MG

The HD88 outdoor Ethernet / Wi-Fi camera was created to provide integrated video supervision with Paradox security / access systems.
• It streams HD 720p, HD audio;
• H.264 compressed;
• ROT activation follows Alarm system event or internal motion detector;
• Pre-alarm recording, day / night modes.
• 7" vivid color display
• Compatible with Swan, EVO and Spectra
• Built - in zone input
• External SD Media Card slot (4GB with 2GB of free space) for uploading photos
• Firmware upgradable via SD card or Bus with Swan system
• Indoor temperature reading
16M Dual Mironel Optics Pet Immune Anti-Mask Detectors
Dual PIR, Dual Mironel optics, Pet Immunity or Creep Zone detection, Paradox active and fast Anti-Mask detection with pre-alarm indication, Alarm, Mask and tamper solid state relays
Two-way wireless water detector
• Tamper on bottom of main unit to notify of unintended movement (fix-mounting required)
• 433 / 868 MHz selectable dip switch
• Blue LED indicator and Piezo
• Any pair of pins in contact with water triggers detection
SmartX 132 ESP
SmartX 132 ESP
One loop, Analogue Addressable Fire panel based on Hochiki’s ESP protocol.
• 32 logic zones
• High current (500mA) loop driver.
• Advanced ASR (Active Signal Reshaping) loop detector for improved noise immunity in harsh environments.
PH SVESIS - avertizare incendiu
Fighter KSDA
Fighter KSDA
LCD remote keypad for Fighter MP conventional panel.
User friendly Alphanumeric keypad - repeater. Menu-driven programming for easy system setup (installer). Easy user information and system status with clever filtering through 4 buttons. Filtering alarms, faults, bypasses and log events creates easy to comprehend uncluttered display screens.
Fighter MP
Fighter MP
8 zones conventional fire alarm panel
• Expandability up to 72 zones using expansion modules (8 zones per module).
• Output expandability; up to 8 relay modules with 8 relays each.
• Up to a maximum of 8 keypads units per system.
• CE certified.
4 wire Domoke Detector
• Operating voltage: DC10V-30V
• Static current: 30~50uA
• Alarm output: Relay output
• Alarm current: 9mA(NC);19mA(NO)
Photoelectric Residential Smoke Sensor witrout stopping function
• 9V battery
• Sleek low-profile housing design.
• SMD circuit board design-satisfactory quality and reliability guaranteed.
This product is a water leakage detector, using the principle of electrode immersed resistor changes to detect water.

• Rust-proof Metal Probe, Long Service Life;
• Sound and Flash Alarm;
Bariera IR cu distanta lunga de detectie (200m exterior / 400m interior) si 2 seturi pulsatorii de raze
(4 raze in total);
• 4 canale selectabile;
• timp de raspuns 50-700ms;
• iesire antisabotaj libera de potential, contact N/C (doar receptorul);
Kit KWF813
Kit KWF813
8CH 1.3 mp wifi kit
NVR: 8ch*720P/ 960P record/ playback, 1 sata, MAX 6TB, MAX 6TB, 1PCS HDMI /1 USB/1 RJ45
(1.3 Mega Pixel) 960P, 3PCS IR ARRAY, Fix HD Lens
Photoelectric Beam detector - Dual 4 Beams
• Indoor / Outdoor 20m protection range
• 100ms ~ 200ms response time
• current: Max. 125mA
• alarm output: Dry contact relay output 1C, Contact action : Detection time 2±0.5sec
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