Sisteme conventionale
Fighter KSDA

Fighter KSDA
LCD remote keypad for Fighter MP conventional panel

• User friendly Alphanumeric keypad – repeater with 80 characters (4 x 20) blue LCD display
• Menu-driven programming for easy system setup (installer)
• Menu-driven user friendly operation for the end user
• 3 LEDs indicate the status of the power supply, alarms and faults of the system
• Backlit button gives access and indicates access levels 2 and 3
• TEST button activates all visual inducators for user check
• Dedicated system (zones) reset button
• Dedicated Silence button for buzzers and external sirens also indicates active silence conditions.
• Easy user information and system status with clever filtering through 4 buttons. Filtering alarms, faults, bypasses and log events creates easy to comprehend uncluttered display screens
• 12 alphanumeric buttons for data input during systen programming (eg zone’s descriptions)
• Easy menu navigation with dedicated arrow buttons
• Info button gives on screen short help for many system parameters and screen items
• Evacuation Command with keys combination (1 + 3 key buttons)
• Interconnection via RS-485 BUS system
• Compatible with the Fighter system
• Dimensions (HxWxD [cm]): 11 x 15.5 x 2.5 cm

Fighter KSDA

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