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SmartX 116 HO

SmartX 132 ESP
One loop, Analogue Addressable Fire panel based on Hochiki’s ESP protocol.

• One Loop Analogue addressable panel. Hochiki ESP protocol.
• High current (500mA) loop driver.
• Advanced ASR (Active Signal Reshaping) loop detector for improved noise immunity in harsh environments.
• Two analogue conventional zone inputs (on board).
• 32 logic zones.
• 2 Powered and monitored Siren Outputs (on board).
• 2 generic dry contact outputs, N/O or N/C selectable by jumpers (on board).
• 2 generic, active when grounded inputs.
• 4 generic open collector outputs.
• Auxiliary power connector (24 V nominal, 700mA max).
• 1 dry contact fault relay output.
• User friendly interface: List based presentation with cursor keys navigation, filters and formatting of viewable information.
• On screen, context intelligent short help.
• PSTN communicator for remote reporting of events.
• User defined descriptions for all inputs, outputs and zones.
• LOG event registry, up to 2000 events.
• Bypasses (disablements) for inputs and outputs.
• Delayed outputs, Alarm verification for all inputs.
• Day/Night operation, separate profile for each week day. Changes ESP sensitivity and Alarm verification.
• Global evacuation triggered by any input, selectable at Access Level 3.
• Periodic test reminder.
• Walk test: An easy way to test the system by triggering one input at the time.
• Advanced Access level control: The system is not limited to (the required by European and American) standard 3 access levels. It provides 8 Access Level 2 users plus one Master user that manages the rest. There is also the Access Level 3 user (installer) and an access codes reset mechanism.
• TCP/IP expansion port provides remote monitoring and control with optional TCP/IP module.
• PC connectivity: The expansion port along with the required communication module permits PC connectivity for system supervision and operations.
• Siren pattern selection for on board (switched) and loop devices.
• Main screen branding, Installer’s contact info: The installer has one line (20 characters) on the main screen that can program to display any message he wishes (e.g. company name). Contact information (e.g. telephone number) may also be programmed into the panel for user reference.
• Direct activation of outputs from inputs regardless of alarm/evacuation state programmed at A.L.3.
• Group operations change specific attributes in groups of objects, making programming much more efficient.
• Autolearn function for loop devices.
• Manual add/remove of loop devices (easy search with Hochiki’s part number).
• Backup/Restore configuration; Save current system configuration to on-board memory and restore it if needed.
• Real time clock/calendar with battery backup.
• Optional eight, 24V output, monitored relay expansion module with 3A power supply and battery power backup (also fully monitored).
• Visual overview of installed loop devices.
• Easy device identification through their LED indicators.
• Easy contamination levels/sensor health checks with device identification.
• Convenient loop devices overview with alarms, faults and installed types indications.
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