Turnstiles and Gates
Seria LB - cu dispozitiv de contact

LB Series - through contacts in the locking bolt

LB-series is a new product of PERCo company, which is unique at the market. In LB-series locks voltage is supplied through contacts in the locking bolt of LB-series lock. Power cable and control cable are connected through the strike plate in the door frame, not through the door leaf, which makes installation easier and provides aesthetically pleasing exterior of the door.
detaliu - yale electromecanice LB vs LC (standard)
Seria LC - standard

LC Series - standard

In the LC-series locks the control cable is connected in the ordinary way, through the door leaf. LC-series locks have two operation modes - day-time (with small bolt throw) and night-time (with enhanced bolt throw).
detaliu - deosebiri seria LB vs LC
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